Careful packaging and transport to preserve quality

In addition to slitting rolls and sheets, Converta can also take care of the packaging, storage and transport of materials. This increases the efficiency of the process, as products do not need to be sent back and forth unnecessarily.


Products and materials processed by Converta are packed carefully and according to the customer's requirements and the characteristics of the product. Everything is discussed with you in advance: the stacking method, labelling, pallet strapping, foil wrapping, etcetera. We also package using UV-resistant bags and foil with aluminium and work with pallets that have a flat closed deck. We work according to the BRC Packaging AA standard; hygienic, and health and safety appropriate.

Technology as a helping hand

To ensure that the parent rolls and end products do not get damaged, we have a number of machines that optimise the packaging process:

  • Roll turner
  • Roll manipulator
  • Banding machines
  • Shrink seal machine
  • Strapping machines

Traceability of parent material and slit rolls

With smart traceability facilities, all parties will know the status of an order at any given time. Every order has its own order number and barcode, so all products and materials are traceable at all times. Also great in the event of a recall.

Storage and stock management

Converta has extensive storage facilities. All stocks, raw materials and end products are professionally sorted ensuring they are traceable. There is a warehouse for parent material and for slit rolls and sheets. We can also manage stock for you. We work with a dispatch system that focuses on short delivery times combined with accurate service.

Transport of cut products

If required, Converta can also organise the transport of your slit material and raw material rolls. We work with a solid network of professional transport companies that enable us to guarantee reliable delivery times.


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