Roll Slitting

Roll Slitting

Slitting parent rolls with focus on excellence

Converta specialises in the slitting of large rolls of material into various new widths and lengths. The cut rolls meet the highest quality standards. Specifications regarding the coating side, print position, width, flatness and degree of perfection of the edges are all checked thoroughly during the slitting process. Converta is a “BRC Packaging AA” certified company. Rolls and sheets are slit in a hygienic production area, which means they are also suitable for food and medical packaging.

Sheet slitting

Sheet slitting

Our commitment to continuing innovation is our assurance that your end products are damage-free

Sheet slitting, also known as sheeting, is the process of slitting printed or unprinted sheets from a larger parent roll. If desired, the parent roll is slit into strips and then cut into sheets further on in the machine. By means of a buffer and servo motors that have been perfectly attuned to each other, the material is led through the machine virtually without tension and without hitches. As a result...

Project management

Project management

Project management of the entire slitting process

Converta can take over the entire sheet and roll slitting process from you. Our processes are incredibly efficient, you do not have to worry about anything. We can take care of:

  • The procurement and storage of raw material rolls for slitting
  • Processes carried out by our partners, such as printing, laminating and hole punching
  • Slitting rolls and sheets
  • Packaging
  • Storage of end products
  • Transport (through our partners)
Storage and transport

Storage and transport

Careful packaging and transport to preserve quality

In addition to slitting rolls and sheets, Converta can also take care of the packaging, storage and transport of materials. This increases the efficiency of the process, as products do not need to be sent back and forth unnecessarily.



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