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About us

About us

Slitting services, exactly!

Converta has been specialising in slitting parent rolls into smaller and/or shorter rolls, as well as in sheet cutting since 2003. Our aim is to create perfect end products. Converta can take care of the entire process for you, including storage and transport.



BRC Packaging AA Certification

Converta was awarded the BRC Packaging AA certificate in 2014. This means that Converta adheres to the BRC Global Standard for Packaging & Packaging Materials at all times. The certification includes a number of standards including for:  

  • Cleaning
  • Work environment
  • Safety and security
  • Equipment
  • Maintenance
  • Waste processing


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Converta B.V.

Industrial park ‘De Wildert’
Eindsestraat 129a
5105NA Dongen
The Netherlands

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