BRC Packaging AA Certification


Converta was awarded the BRC Packaging AA certificate in 2014. This means that Converta adheres to the BRC Global Standard for Packaging & Packaging Materials at all times. The certification includes a number of standards including for:  

  • Cleaning
  • Work environment
  • Safety and security
  • Equipment
  • Maintenance
  • Waste processing

Excellent quality and quality control

All slit rolls and sheets must meet stringent quality requirements. The cutting process is subject to a number of independent checks that assess whether the process and product adheres to the specifications given. There are also stationary and interim product checks for:

  • Neat edges
  • Flatness
  • Width tolerance of plus/minus 1mm
  • The coating side
  • The print position
  • Winding tension
  • Weight, thickness and/or other measurements are also possibilities

Material-specific slitting

Every material behaves differently during the slitting process. Our specialised staff keeps a close eye on this and deals with each material in a specific way. Parameters and fittings are adjusted on the machine to achieve the desired result.

Packaging process as the finishing touch

The packaging of the end product is essential for the preservation of its quality. Therefore, we will always consult with you about the specifications of the packaging, which will also be based on the final product. All our work is carried out according to the BRC Packaging AA standard. In addition, all packaged materials and parent rolls are given a unique code so they can be traced individually.

To optimise the packaging process and prevent damage, we have a number of machines on hand:

  • Roll turner
  • Roll manipulator
  • Banding machines
  • Shrink seal machine
  • Strapping machines

Want to know more?

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